Thursday, October 9, 2014

General Conference

Hello Family! Mom, it´s great to hear that your getting used to your classes and enjoying your religion course. My Book of Mormon and Living Prophets classes at BYU were my favorite by far! Okay, Spanish was cool too. Steven sounds like a beast. Glad that kid is still loving soccer. Tell him congrats on the xc race! Cam sounds like she´s having fun too, enjoying the freshy fresh life! And Noelle, I hope she´s learning to love the college experience, but I´m sure she is :). David sounds as sweet as ever. I really do appreciate the fact that he´s always saying Mama Dutch is with me here in Brasil. That´s so cute and probably true too!
This week was wonderful, mainly because of General Conference. My love for this incredible opportunity we have to listen to the prophet´s voice grows every time conference comes around. I loved that everyone talked about learning to strengthen our testimonies and support the prophets and our leaders so that we can be true disciples of Christ. Sister McConkie shared a story that I truly enjoyed. She spoke of the prophet Elijah, when he visited the widow and asked her to feed him. She told him that she only had enough meal and oil to make a little cake for her and her son and then die because that´s all they had. But Elijah, being a man ordained by God, told her not to worry--to make a meal cake for him and then for her and her son. He blessed her with an unlimited supply of meal and oil, telling her that she would never run out. Imagine how hard that would be, knowing that you´d be giving a man you´d just met the very last of your food. She was already weak and fragile, ready to die at any moment! But with faith, she did as the prophet said and reaped the blessings afterwards. Are we too willing to give all we have to follow the prophets, who voice the will of the Lord? I hope so. I know that I have some work to do, but I´m excited to apply the things I learned during the last two days to my work and my life in general.
Speaking of the work here, we´re really trying to find new people to teach who are willing to accept the gospels in their lives. Please pray that we can find these people, that their hearts can be softened enough to recognize  the truth we have to share. I love you all and hurrah for Israel!

Com amor,
Sister Ball

P.S. Thank you so much Katie Ringger a.k.a. Koconut for the card! Love you!

It was a week of frogs, with the Lima's at General Conference, and a cake Marinalva made for me for my birthday during lunch at their house Sunday.  Love that family so much!

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