Monday, October 20, 2014

Time Flies ....

Christmas box... already?! Wow, that´s great because that means that Christmas is arriving! I guess you can put in there what I sent in the other e-mail to tell Nana. If it´s not too pricey, peanut butter is delicious too! Yes, I´ve gotten a few cards here and there, thank you! And tell Kylie that holy smokes, I´m so happy for her!!! That´s incredible!!! Hey! Do you know what time she reports to the CTM? Because I´ll be in Salt Lake City that day haha! I know she´ll do great speaking that language and warming those russian hearts :). Glad the primary program went well and that you kept the kids hungry with your tasty popcorn perfume. I bet they loved that haha! Keep on keeping on in your religion class. You´ll do great!
Yesterday was Stake Conference here in the Aracajú Sul Stake. I got to see almost everyone from Gragerú 1 and my oh my how people have grown! People who were pregnant have babies that are 7, 8, 9 months old. Babies that couldn´t even walk are now walking and talking. Little girls have already become beautiful young women and everyone is getting their mission calls. How did this all happen in less than one year? It just reminded me of how fast time goes by and that talk from two conferences ago about our 4 minutes here on earth. We need to live up every moment because everything´s going to pass by way too fast. Before we know it, we´ll be standing before Christ, being judged for what we did here. I hope that I can be happy and proud of what I did with my life. 
This week was just full of finding more people who are willing to accept us and accept Christ. We´re working hard. Really appreciate all your prayers and your love. I hope that everything continues to go well back home for everyone. Tell Emmalee thanks for the e-mail and that I´m praying for her. E-mail is being super slow, so I don´t really have time to go back and send her a message. But I love her and all of you too! Can´t believe that David Priebe will be home soon! My how time flies! :) Okay, stay strong, stay cool and keep loving everything and everyone with all your hearts!

Com amor,
Sister Ball

P.S. I haven´t heard from Elder Woodbury for a week now, but he was doing great and Elder Jones too! They´re great missionaries!!!! Miss them! And miss you!

 One day, we made lunch at home and decided to make Mexican food since there´s none of that here. We got to make it all from scratch and ohhhhhhh my goodness, we were in heaven!

 Eating açaí to celebrate one year in the mish for Sister Bento and Sister Barros

 Sister Lopez, Mouri and I completed 13 months in the mission this week!

 With a great group of members at lunch yesterday after Stake Conference

With some lovely sisters 

"On Wednesdays, we wear pink." We tried to spell pink, but this was our failing attempt haha

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