Monday, October 27, 2014

A Little Story ....

 Happy Halloween! Wow, I can´t believe Halloween is already almost here. That´s crazy. You´ll have to send me pictures of everyone all dressed up! I´m sad to hear about Helen. I know it was her time to go, but it´s always hard to lose someone so incredible. I wish I could have been there to see her one last time, but I know that where she is now, she´s free of all the pain that she was feeling and is helping the Lord with her extraordinarily sweet spirit. Praying for the Jeskes and everyone else who loved that wonderful woman.
This transfer is seven weeks long, so the next transfer will be November 11th... two weeks! I hope I stay, but I have a feeling that I´ll be moving on. Sister Lopez is Sister Bento´s companion and they live with us and work in the other half of the ward area. She´s from Oregon... yep, she´s American! haha We have a lot in common and decided that our families need to be friends... someone just has to move...
Mom, loved your story about the shepherd´s pie. You may not think that it was anything spiritual, but of course it was! So great that you listened to the Spirit.
So for this week, I just have a little story. Last P-Day I got an e-mail from an irmã from the ward saying that she had just read my blog and was inspired to help my companion and me. She told me loads of sweet things and that she was going to pray to find someone incredible for us to teach. During the week, she went out and made visits with us, introducing us to a bunch of people she knows and getting them excited about visiting the church and receiving us in their homes. On Friday, she told us that she had thought of the person we needed to visit. So we went with her that night to the person´s house, only to discover that this person had moved two years ago. But in their place was a super nice single mom with two adorable little daughters. Maybe it wasn´t who the irmã had thought for us, but it was who the Lord needed us to meet. I know He inspired her to think of this other person so that we could all go to that house and meet this new family. They´re incredible people and I´m so excited to see how the gospel changes their lives! I´m also so grateful for the effort this irmã made to help us and everything all the members here do to help out in the work of salvation. They understand the importance of their role in this work and it´s so great. I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week and super fun Halloween! Stay cool and stay strong!

Com amor,
Sister Ball

P.S. Welcome home, Barbara!!!!
P.P.S. The computer isn´t letting me send photos today, sorry :(. Next week, there will be photos!

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