Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Date Home Received

Bom dia, querida família! So my english is worsening... I guess that´s one of the sacrifices of serving a mission haha. One of the irmãs here in Eduardo Gomes likes to read my blog and always mentions the little words that I leave in português when I can´t remember in english. You´re not the only ones noticing a difference haha :). It looks like everyone had a blast at Green Bluff eating apple dumplings! I would try to make them here, but the last time I tried to make apple dumplings was at BYU and they just turned out horribly ugly... I think I´ll wait until I get home. Speaking of coming home, Mom and Dad, I forwarded a special e-mail with my flight information for March 10th and 11th! Ohhhh yes. So everyone back home is using glasses now? That´s cool. I might have to join you guys after this harsh sun on a daily basis. Maybe it´s just my brain playing with me, but it seems that my eyesight has worsened a wee bit. Not a ton, but just enough to maybe fulfill my lifelong dream of using glasses like all the other cool kids. Mom, I´m so happy that you´re continuing with your BYU classes. Keep it up! This week, I read a lot in the church magazines about continuing our education and striving to always learn. It´s so important! Dad, good luck helping with the marathon. That should be fun! And yes, they do a primary program here too... at least they did in Gragerú last year! I hope it goes super well there back home this next week!
This week, we spent most of our time trying to find new people to teach. To be honest, I got a bit disanimated (?) being rejected door after door and person after person, but everything changed on Saturday, when we woke up and decided to change our attitude. We did everything with lots of energy and joy haha. Holy smokes, did it make a difference! Everyone accepted us and we managed to put a smile on each person´s face with whom we talked. We also found some great people to teach, so we´ll see where things go with them this next week. My lesson of the week was this--a reminder that our happiness and success only depends on what´s within us. I love you guys and hope everyone is doing well! Send my love for the boys and Grand Dad!

Com amor,
Sister Ball

With Laércio, one of the polititians here in Sergipe... these past few months were filled with lots of political propaganda! Personally wasn´t rooting for Laércio but I liked his thumbs up ;) 

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