Sunday, July 6, 2014

New area, New Mission President, Same great life in the mission!

I just want to apologize ahead of time... the internet here is incredibly slow so I´m not sure how much I´m going to be able to write or what pictures will be sent.   I´m in Eduardo Gomes which I´m super excited about. Socorro was such a great area but at least I´m in another good area. This is where I always went on splits in the beginning of my mission, so I already know some people here between that and it being in the same stake as Gragerú. My new companion is Sister Caetano, who arrived with Sister Costa. We live with Sister Martin and Sister Smith and are the first three Americans in this area for awhile... so I may or may not get some looks. It´s also my first area with hills a.k.a. I´m going to have to do even more knee workouts. To answer your question Dad, yes, I´m trying to run often and when I don´t run I jump rope. I can´t run daily because my knees were suffering when I was doing that (oops! I didn´t say that haha), but I do work out each morning.
Tomorrow, we also meet President and Sister Gomes. It was so weird to call Presidente Gonzaga´s number last night to welcome Presidente Gomes, but I already know that he and his wife will be great. I´m excited to meet them and to be led by their inspiration.
This morning, like every morning on P-Day, I was reading some Liahonas and messages about family and such (Presidente said we can be trunky on P-Days, so I take advantage of that haha) and have read some great things. I came across one talk from Elder Scott in the May 2011 Ensign about him and his wife. I love that talk so much! And there were so many other great messages about strengthening the family and the home. I know I´ve already said this so many times, but here in the mission, I´m learning how truly essential it is to have the gospel prospering within our families. I think it was President Kimball who said once that we can have all the success in the world but if we aren´t living the principles of the gospel within our homes and within our families, we have nothing.
All right, enough about that. This week, we found some great people to teach and were helped out by some great members. Last night, we were walking to an appointment with an irmão and his wife and two little boys when we passed a young couple in the dark. I didn´t even think to stop them, but the irmão stopped to say hi and realized that he already met the young man. So he immediately told them we wanted to share a message with them in their home. We went there and the Spirit was so strong as we shared the Restoration and all testified of its truthfulness and the power of prayer. They accepted to get married since they´re living together and get baptized at the end of this month. It was wonderful. It just strengthened my testimony of the importance of members in our work. They´re essential! I´m so grateful for the members in every area who are always willing to help us and drop everything to participate in the work of salvation. I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week. Boa semana and hurrah for Israel!

Com amor,
Sister Ball


Most of these photos are saying goodbye to people that I love.  The one super short sister is my new companion.  So happy to see so man great faces in Sergipe!

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