Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I Wish I Had a Mango Tree

So the cool thing is, we actually do have a mango tree here. The fruit has just started growing, but I thought it was pretty exciting when we discovered that little nugget of knowledge. Mango trees are a lot bigger than I realized!
Okay, down to business. This past week was fantastic. I´m healthy again and life is good. My district and I decided to maximize how often we feel the Spirit through setting a couple goals. We are doing our best to speak Portugues as much as possible with English fasts and language goals. We also decided to set this goal--11 Discursos em 11 Dias. Every day, we all work on a talk that we´ll be able to use in the field for Sacrament meeting. It has increased our testimonies greatly!
This last Thursday, we went to the Polícia for fingerprinting and ran into a bunch of missionaries who had just gotten out into the field that we knew from the CTM. It was so good to see familiar faces and hear how they´re doing in the field. They basically said that the language is difficult and life is definitely different, but it is so worth every minute. They were all so happy!
Yesterday, a bunch of missionaries left for the field again, including many close friends, which now makes our district the "oldest." It´s so strange to think that by this time next week, I´ll be in Maceió, sharing the gospel with the people. Where did the time go? I´m incredibly excited!
On Sunday, we had a great devotional with a mission president from the area. He talked about just how blessed we are to be serving in this land. Brasil is being blessed by the Lord´s hand and miracles are happening everywhere. I truly love it here!
Some news for Aunt Michelle and Uncle Mark: there´s an elder here who will be going to Maceió with me named Elder Rossetta. He met Jess and said he´s an excellent missionary! His uncle is Jess´ mission president and they love him.
I´m out of time, and haven´t said nearly everything I wanted to but I´m getting kicked off. I hope all is well at home and love you all greatly! Stay strong and wonderful! Praying for all of you! Hurrah for Israel!
Com amor,
Sister Ball

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