Wednesday, October 2, 2013

... I Have Been Changed for Good

Oi familia e amigos!
First off, in my last e-mail, I may have typed "Eu seu. . ." If I did, please just change it to "Eu sei..." That would make a huge difference! Also, I want to apologize if I don´t respond to your e-mails. I try to read all of them, but I usually do not have time to answer every single one, so I´ll try my best to answer them all in this one big one. They don´t give a ton of time here in the CTM. If you want answers, write letters and I´ll be sure to write back! :)
I just want to also thank my family, Sister Geddes, Uncle Troy and Aunt Katie (and family), Britt, The Howard Bunch, Coley, and Aunti Kanga for the letters you gave my mom to give to me. I read one a day until I read them all and they made my first week so much easier! I love you guys!
Random delightfulness:
1. Brazilians love mini Cadbury eggs. Okay, who doesn´t, but Sydney, thank you. I´ve made a lot of friends through those things!
2. The traffic here is craaaazy. Yet somehow, everyone seems to survive it on a daily basis.
3. Also, I knew blonde hair would be a big hit, but I didn´t know how big. I can´t tell you how many times sisters have come up and just started petting my hair. I´ve been called Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, Barbie, you name it. It´s funny and they´re all so cute!
4. In choir practice, the past two times we´ve sung hinos in Portugues, English and Spanish. I´ve loved it!
5. There are lots of fun places here, but Mr. Cheney cookies is probably the best. Their cookies are delicious!
My district here is fantastic. There are four sisters, three elders and then we´re getting a new Elder from Provo today. I seriously couldn´t be blessed with a better group of people to work with.
I´ve also developed such a love for these people. This last week was so stinkin´ hard because a ton of Brazilians left and I knew most of them. I was super duper close with most of them! I know they´re out fulfilling the Lord´s work, but that doesn´t make it much easier to say goodbye! And that was after only a week and a half. I can´t imagine what it´s going to be like in the future.
If you want a great scripture to look up, go to Doctrine and Covenants 98:1-3. It´s such a comfort knowing that the Lord truly does hear our prayers!
Well, it´s already time to go. I´m sorry I don´t have time to answer everyone´s questions, but that doesn´t change how much I love each of you. I feel so blessed to know each of you and can feel your prayers working miracles each day in my life. I hope all is well at home and wherever else you might be. Hurrah for Israel!
Tchau with love,
Sister Ball

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