Monday, February 9, 2015

Life is Good!

Mom, I´ve noticed that that little paragraph pops up on almost all of my e-mails that I get from other people. I don´t really know what it´s for but I don´t think you need to worry too much. Keep on keeping on with math! You´re doing great so far! It sounds like Junior´s (Fred Sharp´s) birthday was awesome. What a surprise! I have no idea what Big Hero 6 is, but glad you liked it haha. Sounds like Primary is as great as ever. I love those kids. I love 'Aunt' Jennifer too. Tell her 'hi' for me! Oh and before I forget, I don´t know if I ever thanked Abbey Simon for the letter she sent me... I got it a couple weeks ago and was so happy to hear from her! Tell her thanks for me too. So J is doing great. She was baptized this last Saturday! It took a lot of energy and effort, but it happened and everyone is happy for her. I don´t even know where to start with this week. So many great things are happening in our area and we´re seeing a ton of success in our work with our investigators. Our ward wants to split by the end of this year. Yesterday, the entire ward (and us too) did a fast to help the missionary work and we´re already seeing results. This last week, a bunch of members introduced us to their friends whom we´re now teaching and helping. One of these members met a man limping after a motorcycle accident and made friends with him after joking a bit and conversing with him. The man who suffered from the accident went to stake conference last week with his wife and we began teaching them with the irmão who introduced us to them. This couple is incredible! They are truly interested and want so badly to believe in what we have to share. They´re praying sincerely to receive an answer from God. I´m excited to see what will happen with them. Yesterday, we also went out to make a visit with an irmã. The person we were going to visit wasn´t home, but in the short 20 minutes that we were with her, she introduced us to three people with families that accepted a visit from us for later this week. And on top of all this, there is so much more happening that´s getting me super excited for the next few weeks. I´m just extremely happy with the people we´re meeting and experiences we´re having. I´m so grateful that the Lord is helping us find His children that are prepared to receive the gospel in their lives. Life is good. Love you guys and hope you all have a wonderful week! Boa semana!

Com amor,
Sister Ball

Exchanges with Sister Luis

Exchanges with Sister Luis

J's Baptismo!

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