Monday, February 23, 2015

Carnaval, A Wedding, And Snails That Lead the Way!

Glad you liked the video, Mom, but I have no idea what accent you´re talking about... the only accent I have here is American haha. Tell Steven GOOD JOB with his basketball game. That´s awesome that they won! And David sounds as sweet and cute as ever. Glad you had a good birthday week too. Sounds like you were spoiled :). So Colton had to stay locked in their house for five days? Wow, I think Carnaval is worse there than here! We had to stay in too, but not for so long, and only when it was looking bad. So yeah, we didn´t get to work much. Our area had a nice little Carnaval party that didn´t let us get much done. And yes! Our leaders gave us permission to go to the Bishop´s son´s wedding! It was so fun seeing Juninho and Priscila get married, especially since the last time I was in this area, they were just starting to date. It was a beautiful wedding and I can tell that they´re going to be a fantastic couple. They already are :).
Besides this week being a huge party for all those Carnaval-lovers, we still managed to get some work done and see a few miracles. This week, we met A, a woman of faith! Friday night, we were searching for some referrals from an activity that the ward did to find new people to teach, but all the people we were trying to contact weren´t home. So, we decided to group together a bunch of snails on the side of the road, take a picture, and keep looking. And we found A! She was super happy to receive us and as we conversed with her, we discovered that her family has been through some difficulties and lost some loved ones. So it was the perfect opportunity to share the Plan of Salvation with her and the Spirit testified of what we shared. We returned there on Sunday and she had prayed about our message, saying that she felt so much peace and comfort when she prayed. We shared with her the Restoration and she gladly accepted to pray again.  She, along with her cute daughter, are excited to follow the Savior´s example. It´s been great getting to know this woman and see the incredible faith that she has. She´s truly a wonderful person!
This week, there was also an incredible rain/thunder/lightning storm that spooked everyone out a bit and destroyed some parts of the city. The lightning got close! It´s been so long since I last saw a good lightning storm, so for me, it was fun :). And that´s about all I have for this week... I love you guys lots and love this gospel immensely! I hope you can all have a wonderful week!

Com amor,
Sister Ball

P-Day lunch with Sister Gama, included a delicious banana and shrimp white sauce!

With Sister Gama at the wedding

With the newlyweds!

With Natalia, Amanda, e Leticia, love these girls! 
Okay, so I didn't catch the bouquet, but I still had to take a picture :)

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