Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Girls Are Back!!!

Hey Fam Bam! How´s it going for everyone there in Idaho? From what Mom and Dad wrote, it sounds like everyone´s great! To answer your 'trunky' questions super fast, Mom, I don´t think I´ll be a river guide anymore. It´d be super cool, but it´s not very realistic. I deferred for BYU until September... I´ll just have to worry about FAFSA and rooming, I think... well, you might have to for me haha. I´ll definitely talk with Jess and Alex and every other RM from Brasil in portuguese when I get back. This is a language I can´t afford to lose! And David will have to re-teach me spanish haha. Glad he´s doing well after returning from the mish!  I wish I could be at Kendall's sealing so badly, but I´m so stinkin´ happy for her. And Courtney! So happy she´s going straight to the Brasil CTM! She´ll love it!!! Tell her to keep her eye out for a miracle tie... I´ve been wondering about what happened with that guy. I got the package, thank you! I still haven´t opened it and I think that´s killing my companion more than me, but it´s all good :). Oh, speaking of my companion, she´s a pretty familiar face. YES! I returned to Socorro 1!!! I had told Presidente in one of my interviews that I felt that I had been transferred from here a little early and I guess he remembered and let me come back! Aaaaaand, with the best companion ever--SISTER CUSTÓDIO!!! Yep, I´m back with my 'mom,' my wonderful trainer! Now, I have some new responsabilities too, so it´s going to be different, but I´m so happy to be where I am with who I am. Sister Custodio and I are Sister Leader Trainers so we are responsible for taking care of the sister missionaries in Sergipe.  We´re living with Sister Caetano and Sister Sleeman who are working in my old half of this area, so it´s going great :).
This week, we already saw some great miracles. We visited a couple that didn´t want to get married, no matter what the circumstances were. We went there, shared what the Spirit told us to share and at the end, asked how things were going with their marriage. They both smiled and told us that they want to get married as soon as possible so that they can be baptized. Que legal! We visited another young woman who accepted to read the Book of Mormon and be baptized with such excitement that we couldn´t help but smile. I´m so so so happy to be back here. Wow, it was tough to leave Eduardo Gomes, but I´m glad that I´m at least in another great area with a wonderful companion. I´m excited for the future and the miracles that are soon to happen. I love you all and hope all can continue to go well. Stay strong and remember the joy that the gospel brings in our lives. I love this work and our Heavenly Father´s plan. It´s truly so perfect. And I love you guys! Tchau!

Com amor,
Sister Ball

 Thank you for the packages!  Still haven't opened them but I'm excited to see what's inside!
 Us four in our house (me, Sister Custodio, Sister Caetano e Sister Sleeman)
 With a pigeon, whoop
 Our district
 Caught a fish!
 Sister Sleeman and I laying next to a little scrapbook I made for Custódio during my training with her... it´s just a little lengthy :)
 After playing volleyball
The girls are back!!!! With my 'new' comp, Sister Custódio! :)

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  1. You think she'll end her mission here? She sounds and looks great. And she's a leader! Woohoo!