Monday, November 10, 2014

Goodbye Eduardo Gomes, I'll Miss You!

Hey family! Thank you for sending the photos, Mom. I really appreciate it! It sounds like, as always, everyone´s doing well. Glad Cam got to help with Jr. Miss. I remember seeing and hearing about those junior girls when I was younger and thinking how old they seemed... now they seem so young! Cam will be one of them in just two years! It´s weird because for me, she´s still just a little girl, but I meet young women here who are younger than her but seem so much older because I didn´t know them as little girls. I guess she´s really growing up fast. How´s Noelle doing at BYU-I? She´ll be home kind of soon for the holidays, neh? That´s also great to hear that the radio was playing Christmas music! Here, everyone is already decorating their houses and the shops are decked out in Christmas stuff. There might not be snow here, but at least they know to start Christmas early :). Thank you so much for sending the package! I´ll be happy with whatever you guys send. It already means so much to just get something in the mail! Oh, about the fabric for our dresses... yes, a less-active irmã was making dresses for us. Here, it´s a tradition to make a dress to wear for when you get home, so to economize a bit, I got a dress custom-made that I´ll use to go home and for our Christmas Conference. It turned out pretty! Tell Kyle congrats on his mission call! Sister Lopez has a friend there in Guatemala right now.. Elder Trone! He´ll love it there! And I´m so excited for Courtney to got to Interlagos! Did she already get her visa? Hope so!
Okay, I´ll write about transfers now. So everyone stayed!!!! Except me :). I was transferred and I´m not sure where I´ll be going still, but I´m excited. Holy  moly, I´ll miss this place and the people here, but I know that the Lord knows what´s best for us. I´m just so grateful that He gave me the opportunity to spend a little time here in Eduardo Gomes. I feel that this is where I´ve learned and grown the most as a missionary and a person. The members, our investigators, my companion, the sisters we live with, the people in general, and everything have helped me so much! Every missionary that passes through Eduardo Gomes is a pretty darn lucky missionary. Sister Barros will be training a greenie, so that should be great for her! Other than that, it was a pretty normal week. I´m excited to meet new people and have new experiences. Thank you for all you guys do for me! I´m so grateful for all the many blessings that I have in my life! My prayers and love are with you!

Com amor,
Sister Ball

Mouri with caramel corn we made last P-Day


With N & W, two great little girls!

Eduardo Gomes with Sister Lopez

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