Monday, November 24, 2014

Fun Reunion!

Heyo! So everyone´s talking about this new Meet the Mormons movie. I´m excited to see it when I get home. Mom, that story about the candy man was the theme of the Christmas devotional that I went to a couple years ago at Temple Square. Loved it! Sister Custódio goes home in January, so we still have Christmas together... the same time of year that we spent together last year! I opened a few things from the boxes, but nothing wrapped in gift paper yet. I used the blouse that Nana sent for a leadership council. There, I got to see Sister Barker!!! 

This week was pretty good. We found lots of new people to teach and miracles are happening. The majority of these people need to get married. And unfortunately, the place where people get married legally is closed until January or February. But I have faith that we´ll continue to find people who are married legally or single. It´s going to be great :). One of our investigators is "married" and  has four childen, one died in a car accident a few months ago. When the sisters met her, she was completely depressed and just wanting to escape this life. I didn´t know her during that time, but from what she´s told me, she was absolutely miserable. You´d never be able to tell though. Today, she´s a woman of incredible faith. She´s at church every Sunday and, despite some difficulties that she´s going through, she recognizes the change that the gospel made in her life and has faith that everything will work out. I´ve never met someone with such desire to be baptized!  I´m excited for the day when she´ll enter those waters. I´m so grateful for what I´ve learned from her and so many other people we meet here every day. These people are truly incredible. Sorry the e-mail is short this week, but know that I love you all and appreciate all the love and support. Hope you have a wonderful week, full of thankfulness and turkey. Gratitude is something incredible. It can cure everything. Love you guys! Boa semana e feliz Dia da Ação de Graça!!!

Com amor,
Sister Ball

Off to Leadership Council for the first time together! 

 Got to see Sis. Barker for the first time in 8 months .. OH HAPPY DAY!
With all my 14 month old mission buddies 
Together again with some of my favorite sisters from Grageru 
Trying to take a picture in front of Feitosa and the Maceio lighthouse, but I don't think you can see anything!

With Sis. Custodio

With Sis Lopez and a letter that Elder Woodbury wrote for us ... we had to put our two letters together to understand what he wrote us!  Hahaha 
Happy 14 Months Sister Ball!

Cutting a coconut with style 
Drinking agua de coco 
Jesus + Work = Success

Christmas and Airplanes

2 months for Sis. Custodio and 3 for me!  Don't worry, we're still focused and loving the work :)

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  1. are still as cute as ever! Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Were all waiting for you to cone home and hear all about your exciting experiences!! ♡