Monday, August 11, 2014

Christmas in August!

Wow, yet again, I only have five more minutes. I´m so sorry! First thing next week, I´m going to write you guys! Really quickly, I got letters from Elder Jones, Sister Cruz and Elder Ferro. Thank you so much! And I don´t know if I mentioned Sister Geddes´ letter too, but thaaaaaaaaank you!
This week was rather normal. The highlight was celebrating Christmas yesterday and brightening peoples´ days with carols and presents. We visited a woman who is super depressed with the situation she´s in right now and helped her see the blessings she´s receiving in her life. We also started teaching English classes in the church which is going ato be fun! I wish I had maore atime ato writae you guys but as you can see, this keyboard is messed up and likes the letter 'a'. Just know I love you all! I´m really learnaing to love here. Also my comp was transferred and Sister Smith :(. But I´m excited to see who´s going to be my next comp. We´re going tao see lots of miracles! I love you all so much! Keep strong and learn to love the gospel. It´s the greatest thing we´ve got!

Com amor,
Sister Ball

Yesterday we celebrated Christmas. Yes, you better believe it. So here are some pictures of our Christmas! This family, Conceição, Osias e Laleska, is so wonderful! They knew we were celebrating Christmas so when we went there for lunch yesterday, they had a tree set up with Christmas sax music playing and gave us ornaments. We arrived there caroling with snickerdoodles. Wow, what a great day! I´m grateful to know that crazy people like me exist out there ;)

 Our goodbye for Elder Max (and Elder Rock, but he was busy during this picture)
 A bunch of fruit that an irmão gave us... he´s always stopping by to drop off fruit and juice!
 A cool part of our area... there´s a giant valley of green and right in the middle, a dirt soccer field.
 Holding the cutest puppy ever, Lafawnduh!!! We bonded


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