Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Zoo, Reunions, and Fun Pics!

The zoo was awesome. I was looking at my pictures and realized that I didn´t take so many of animals, but the best part was just getting to see so many great people. I got to see lots of awesoms sisters and the Limas! It was so so good! I love being back here in Sergipe. And things are great with my companion. We´re working hard and seeing results. This weekend, we had a baptism! It wasn´t just any baptism though... it was V´s baptism :). V is an 8-year-old boy who´s sister and brother are members, but his mom is hesitant and it took her a good couple of years to approve V´s brother´s baptism. Ever since we arrived in the area, we´ve been visiting her and V, trying to help her see the importance of baptism in V´s life. He turned 8 the weekend we arrived here and she wasn´t going to let him get baptized, but we kept visiting and helping him prepare for baptism. And this last week, she miraculously signed the papers and V was baptized and confirmed as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. What a blessing! He was so stinkin´ happy to be entering those waters of baptism and the spirit there was so sweet. I can only hope that his mom felt the spirit there and that one day, her heart can be softened even more. Yesterday, we also had a great lesson. I felt that we needed to visit this girl who had sat in on a lesson with another investigator. We had kind of forgotten about her, but yesterday, we stopped by her house to see how she was doing and if she had prayed sobre our message. And she had! She told us about the experience she had--how she had felt the spirit so strongly and felt that what we had shared was true. She accepted baptism and I´m so excited for her!
As for this area, it´s more like the neighborhood parts of Gragerú. It´s not so rural, but not super urban. It still has lots of people riding horses and all that good stuff which is fun. And as for the weather, well, we´re in Sergipe. The sun is always shining. And it´s always hot. But I love it here :). Apparently autumn is arriving, but we´ll have to see! I love this work! So much! I love all of you! I hope you´re all well! Hurrah for Israel!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CAM!!! And Sister Barker! And Mom, this coming month is super special... happy 5 years cancer-free!!!! I love you guys!

Com amor,
Sister Ball

with my own missionary family :)--Sister Nunes (my grandma), Sister Custódio (my mother dearest) and Sister Costa (my daughter)
Reunited with Sister Barratt... awhaaaaa?

With my favorite family ever here in Brasil! The Limas! 

With Sister Castro and Bruna, uhu!! 
A view of Aracajú... love that place 
Just being weird... ya know. 
Sporting my super awesome missionary bag from my favorite primary class 
V´s baptism!!

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