Monday, April 7, 2014

April Fool's, Animals, and Conference

 Enjoying our personal jars of doce de leite from an investigator
 No centro with some others sisters we found while there--Sister Araújo, Sister Taylane, me, Sister Barra, Sister Morais, Sister Martin, Sister Cadillo and Sister Silva
 Spending some quality time with my turtle friend
 Even cats are taking a liking to me... it´s definitely a one-sided relationship
 Mouri was one kool kat at conference yesterday
 Lunch appointment fell through so we resorted to roadkill....
 At a ward activity we organized
200 days in the mission with Elder Basden and Elder Draper!

With a donkey ... uhu!
First day of conference, playing in the grass

All right, I don´t have much time to respond to everything you wrote, but I was able to read it all and just know that I laughed and am super happy for lots of people. Congrats to Anna! When does Katie Sullivan leave again? And has Megan Dibble mentioned anything else about a mission? Hope all three lovely ladies are doing well. Loved the April Fools pranks. Here, they celebrate too, but it´s more about telling lies. So Sister Taylane and Sister Araújo successfully convinced Sister Silva that Sister Taylane was being transferred the next day due to an emergency transfer in an other area. It was pretty funny :). I didn´t end up doing anything though... sad, I know.  We did get to watch conference--every single session in Português! It was absolutely wonderful! I soaked up every minute and, just like six months ago in the CTM, I found myself dreading Presidente Monson´s final "amen" because I didn´t want it to end! There were some great talks, a few of my favorites being President Eyring´s, President Uchtdorf´s, Elder Ballard´s (please please please take his advice!), Gary E. Stevenson´s, Elder Bednar´s and President Monson´s. I loved how Elder Bednar spoke of burdens and happiness. He said how sometimes we think that happiness is the complete absence of burdens, but the reality is that the strength we develop to endure our burdens is what brings happiness and a necessary trust in the Savior. The 4 minutes was great too. We´re going to have eternity to dwell on what we did in this life, so we need to make it good! Along with incredible talks, some shocking news was announced and I don´t know if any of you in the U.S. caught it. My dear mission president, Presidente Gonzaga, was called as an Area 70. AHHHH!!! All of us missionaries were just freaking out a little bit.
As for this week, we taught a lot. One lesson we taught started out a little awkward because the young man was a bit closed off and not very open to our presence. But once we started teaching the gospel, he began to warm up. And by the end of the lesson, he was with a burning desire to make a change in his life and give church a chance. It was neat to see the sudden change that the gospel can make in the lives of people. We also attended an English class at the federal university.  Part of the pathway there is among fields of wild grass. And part of this wild grass was on fire. At points we were surrounded by wild fire on both sides in a very safe way :). It was pretty neat! And we also organized a great ward mission activity. It was a relay race, mais ou menos, based on Lehi´s journey to the Promised Land. The members got super involved and excited. It was so great to see them so happy about what we had done and we´re hoping to see good results.
And that was my week! I loved conference and hope you guys had the chance to watch it all. Every session was so good. Definitely take the time to study and ponder the words of our dear prophet and apostles. I know that they´re called of God and their words are inspired. They aren´t words we should take lightly but words we should live and apply to ourselves. I love you all!! Hurrah for Israel and boa semana!

Com amor,
Sister Ball

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