Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Glad you´re all well! I so wish I had time to respond to every little detail, but know that reading about your lives and hearing from each one of you makes me so happy every week and gives me the strength I need to continue for the next 7 days. Thank you for all the support and love!
This week was a little slow and we had some disappointing experiences, but as always, the Lord blessed us with miracles as well. First, the weather has completely changed! This past week was rain, rain, rain. And it was super cold! I don´t know if I´ve just adapted to the heat now or what, but I was with chills and had to use a sweater for a couple days. Yeah, it´s that cold. I loved it though! I don´t know exactly why, but rain on the mission makes me happy. It´s a nice change every once in a while :).
We met an elect this week. Her name is Dálida. One night Sister Costa and I were walking along in the dark and the rain and passed a woman sitting on her front step. I had a strangely strong impression to say hello to here so I said "boa noite" and was a bit shocked when she replied "boa noite sisteres!" We were in a hurry to another appointment but immediately afterwards, we returned to her house and she let us in like we were old friends. It turns out she´s been going to church with her boyfriend in another area and really likes it. She hasn´t talked to missionaries though but has tons of contact with members. So we started teaching her this week. Every time we talk with her, her eyes light up and she glows with curiosity, soaking in everything we share. It´s so neat!
We also had interviews with Presidente this week which went really well. He shared a story with me about a woman who listened to him and his companion teach from the kitchen and was later baptized because of that. He had no idea she had been listening at the time, but now she´s baptized, temple worthy, married and with four children all preparing for missions, one married.
And on Sunday, it was testimony meeting. V and his sister and brother all bore their testimonies which moved me to tears. V only has 8 years but he has such a sweet and pure testimony. He truly understands the importance of staying strong in the gospel and is an example for his family, friends and everyone around him including me. I love that kid!

Anyways, that was my week mais ou menos. I hope you´re all well and love you all! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRUNA!!! And see you all later on Mother´s Day! Hurrah for Israel!

Com amor,
Sister Ball

With our new sister, Sister Rodriguez! She came from the Roseville California mission where she was waiting for her visa... for a year. And even better, she knows Elder Tomblin and Elder Griffitts! Well, that´s perty neat

 Downtown with SIster Costa
chilling outside an irmã´s house while waiting for lunch.

Enjoying the feast we had during our district meeting... I´m holding a dish called cuzcuz paulista e Sister Moraes with no bakes. Mmmmm

Our District

I finally had to use my rain jacket. I never thought that´d happen here!

Our sisterly band. Oh yes.

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