Monday, March 17, 2014

Another Great Week in the Mission!

Hahaha thank you for the list of things to take pictures of! We´re not really supposed to carry our cameras with us, but I´ll do what I can. I´ll take those pictures just because you asked! Tell Noelle congrats on the race... she´s such a beast haha. And I loved seeing pictures of you all skiing in the beautiful snow! Ahhh I could use some of that beautiful white stuff right now. In the beginning of the week, it was raining like no other here, but the past couple days have been super hot... like a Sergipian hot! Congrats to my stud of a cousin, Jesse Smidt, too. And to Emmy! Excited to see the announcement!

As for this past week, I learned that I haven´t escaped the growing pile of food on my plate during lunches. I thought once I left Aracajú, that people would stop plopping food in front of me, but no. It´s still happening. So much for trying to lose a little weight! But more importantly, this week we had a baptism! And it was a complete miracle!  on Friday night, we were visiting Aparecida and she asked if we were going to have baptisms this week. We told her that this week, we wouldn´t but next week we will. She had her baptism marked for the 29th with some other people, but wanted her baptism to be special and on a small scale. So when she heard that no one would be being baptized this week, she got this light in her eyes and shyly asked if she could be baptized tomorrow. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh-llelujah! What a blessing. We told her of course she could and immediately got started on making plans since Saturday was just around the corner. And Saturday, she was baptized, Sunday, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. Her faith and desire to follow our Savior inspired me. She´s such a good lady and it´s good to see that she´s been converted by coming unto Christ.

Another interesting story--the other night, I had a dream that a week before coming home from the mission, Mom had a little girl. Bridget. Yep. So watch out, Mom. The last time I dreamed someone had a baby, Sister Priebe had Joshua the next day ;).

Other than that and the fact that lots of post offices are on strike so sending letters is a bit difficult, that was the highlight of my week! I love you all, as always! The only thing that changes is that each week, I come to love each of you more and more. Thank you for everything and hurrah for Israel!
Saying goodbye to Antonio Carlos and Marinalva... que triste

Found Sister Ferreira, minha tia, during the transfers conference!
Making guacamole! Sister L. Silva and I found a mutual passion for that avocado delicacy.
6 months in the mission for Elder Draper and Sister Ball! And lots of other wonderful people who unfortunately aren´t in my district
Just cruisin´along in a WWII U.S.A. jeep.

Aparecida´s baptism! She has such a sweet spirit!
At the transfer conference with Sister L. Silva, my new companion
Climbing coconut trees... welcome to Brasil.
Zona Tabuleiro, "continue a batizar!" (Our Finding Nemo-themed motto... like "Just Keep Swimming... but in Português... and batismo!)

The front of our pink house... and Mouri :)
Aaaand saying goodbye to my favorite sister... ainda mais triste.

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