Monday, March 3, 2014


Então, last night, we found out who´s being transferred and who´s staying. Sister Barratt and Sister Castro are staying in Gragerú 1, the best ward ever in Brasil. And Sister Barker and I leave for Alagoas tonight to arrive at the transfers meeting tomorrow. There´s a chance that we´ll return to Sergipe if we end up training but there´s also a chance that we´ll stay in Alagoas. Either way, the chances of us staying together are slim. I´m really going to miss this area. I love everyone here so much! But a new start will be good for me too, to get recharged. Maybe I´ll get to finish my mission here :).

This week was good. We taught some really good lessons. We met Antônio who loved the message of the Restoration. Unfortunately he doesn´t live in this area, but he was so interested in our message and sincerely curious. It always strengthens my faith and hope when we meet people like him. We´re also teaching a rapaz named Lucas. He´s simply a good young man. This week we taught him the gospel of Jesus Crist and he´s following through with compromissos and all. His baptism is marked for the 15th so I´m excited to hear about how that goes! We´re teaching lots of other people too who we´ve marked baptisms for the 15th. Sister Barratt is going to baptize demais! :)

On Thursday, we also had a training with all the sisters in Sergipe. We did an exercise where we all taught the first lesson to Sisters Walker and Sierras and had written an inspired question to ask them (they were our investigators). They called us by name, one by one, and together, we taught the restoration and asked our questions. It was just really cool to see the Spirit work as they called each sister at the perfect time. For example, my question wouldn´t have worked at any other time other than towards the end of the lesson. Even though they didn´t know what my question was, they didn´t call on me until towards the end of our lesson. The power of the Spirit is so real!

This weekend, Carnaval also started so we taught little and walked. A lot. But it´s pretty tranquil here and by midweek next week, all should be back to normal.

I´m so grateful for this time that I got to spend in Gragerú 1. I made friendships and had experiences that I´m going to remember always. This area is every missionary´s dream! So my time here has been good. And now, I´m excited to see where I´ll end up. I´m so grateful for all that I´m experiencing here in the mission. I´m learning so much and growing incredibly! Both spiritually and physically... especially my tummy ;). Thank you for all the support and love. Hurrah for Israel!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ASHLEE!!!!! Feliz Sweet Sixteen! :)

Com amor,
Sister Ball

 Reunited, again, with Sister Custodio!

If you're friends with Noelle Ball on FB, be sure to check out the special music video Bri and Sister Barker made for Noelle for her birthday!

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