Monday, January 27, 2014


Clarification from last weeks letter and trip to the beach - Being blessed by a man at the beach... he got down on his knees and started praising me until Sister Custódio told him to get up haha. Só isso.

Tell Kayla and Justie Happy Birthday for me, and Katie CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Que legal! She´s going to be excellent there! Awww and the Ringgers, send them hugs and kisses from Sister Ball. Miss them!

To be honest, saying goodbye to Sister Custódio and Sister Ferreira was incredibly hard. And don´t tell anyone (even though you´re going to post this on my blog haha it´s all good), but I still cry sometimes thinking about them. It´s just hard to think that the four of us will most likely never be together again the way we were here in Aracajú. We were a family! Now, Sister Ferreira is far away in Maceió and Sister Custódio is nearby, still in Sergipe so I´ll see her at zone conference. I miss them so much! BUT, our new companions are wonderful as well! Sister Barratt is my new companion. She´s from Texas, is absolutely gorgeous, and has four months in the mission... one transfer more than me. And somehow we still get by with our Português! She´s teaching me so much. She´s proof that sharing this gospel is incredibly possible even if we aren´t fluent in this language. We´re seeing lots of little miracles happen daily. Oh and Sister Barratt, Sister Barker and Sister Castro (Sis. Barker´s new companion... love her!) all say hello!... ou oi! So this week, we spent hours upon hours just knocking doors. And many of those hours were spent being rejected. But the other hours were spent meeting people who were truly prepared to receive us by the Lord. We met Giselda who has friends that are members. She´s a pretty strong Catholic, but nossa, she was so open and incredibly friendly! She offered the prayer before we left, blessing every single aspect of our lives, up to our future husbands. So, my future husband can thank her for any luck he has from here on out. We also spent a day proselyting with Bruna which went really well... she´s probably reading this on my blog, so Bruna, thank you so much! Our ward missionaries are all awesome. And Bruna is always willing to help with her wonderful testimony. A missionary also returned from his mission this last week, so we got to have FHE with him and his family (the same family we spent Christmas with). They made a video of his mission that made me think of how it will be when I come home. I´m super excited, but it will definitely be different after spending a year and a half in the mission. And with transfers, not only did I get a new companion, but also letters! And a box from Nana and Pops! Ahhhh thank you, thank you, thank you! I got letters from the Fagans, Aunt Sherene, Aunt Michelle, Uncle Mark, Jess, Kayla Fagan, Justie, Sister Wiser, Sister Cummings, Sister R. Santos, Sister Flórez, Sister Almeida, Sister Flor, Sister Oliveira Souza and a cute postcard from the fam. Thank you everyone! I was so stinkin´ happy to hear from all of you. I love you all so much! I love this work and I love our Heavenly Father and Brother, Jesus Christ. I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that this is His work. If it wasn´t, what I´m doing now would be impossible. But I know that because this is His work, I´m seeing miracles unfold before my eyes. Thank you for all your support and love. Always praying for you! And hurrah for Israel!

Com amor,
Sister Ball

 Sisters Agreda, Custodio, Almeida, & Barker
 My new companion, Sister Barratt from Texas
Goodbye Sister Custodio!

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