Monday, January 20, 2014

Beach, Bus, & Baptism!

Sister Custódio was doing a lot better this week physically! Emotionally though, all four of us were a bit drained because tomorrow we have transfers. And last night, we found out that while Sister Barker and I are staying together in Aracajú (we´ll get our new companions tomorrow), Sister Ferreira is heading for Maceió and Sister Custódio is staying in Sergipe but not here in our área. It will be interesting to see who our new companions are. Pray for us! This week was full of experiences! I don´t have much time, but I´ll try to fit in what I can. On P-Day, we all went to the Orla finally! There, I got worshipped by a homeless man and rode on the most packed ônibus ever in my life. Each time the doors opened, I had to rotate with them to make it possible for them to open without me falling out! It was so fun! We took lots of pictures, ate at a cute pastry restaurant and enjoyed our time together. We also met a woman this week who, when I introduced ourselves, left without a word and came back to her front door with her key to the gate. She let us in immediately and gladly accepted our message. Still no baptism date, but we´ll get there. Next week, we´ll be baptizing a man who´s partially blind. He loves the gospel and knows with all his heart that it´s true. It´s people like him that give me more hope! This past Tuesday night, we had a ward mission movie night. One of our new members was there along with this crazy man who showed up one day at the church and almost punched an irmão because he was so furious about our churches beliefs... or what he thought were our beliefs. Anyways, he´s crazy. Our friend was watching the movie on the opposite side of the room from us and the crazy man showed up, sat behind him and started whispering in his ear. Sister Custódio ran over to greet our friend and when she arrived, the crazy man asked why he couldn´t manage to be near her and left immediately. How cool! This showed me that we really do have power as missionaries. We have the Spirit who won´t allow any harm to come upon us or our investigators if we act in faith and with courage. After teaching an investigator one day, I felt a bit frustrated because I wasn´t able to say all I wanted to because of the language barrier. I expressed my frustration to Sister Custódio and she said to me that I didn´t need to feel that way. That what she noticed is I said exactly what our investigator needed to hear--that what I shared was everything she needed. Since then, I´ve changed my way of thinking a bit and am grateful that I know how to express what people need to hear. This week, we also had splits with our sister trainers. I spent a day in Eduardo Gomes with Sister Baldomir. We had great experiences and found some elects.! We also ate in the house of an American member for lunch, but he wasn´t home. His wife was super nice though!
This weekend, Sister Barker and Sister Ferreira had a baptism! I got to give the message and it was so good to see one more person enter those waters! The Spirit was present for sure. I´m going to miss Sister Ferreira and Sister Custódio so much. Seeing them say goodbye to so many people yesterday was difficult. They´re incredible missionaries. I´m grateful for what I´ve learned with them! But I´m also anxious to meet my new companion. Hopefully we can work together well and continue to see miracles. I love this work, I love our Savior and I love you! Happy Birthday Jason B. and Deanna! I hope you enjoyed your special days! Fique firme e boa semana! Hurrah for Israel!

Com amor,
Sister Ball

 A Orla!

Rio Janeiro, a street/railroad tracks in our area that we walk along every day 
Eating acarejé, a special Brazilian food that smells horrible but tastes delicious!!! A sweet member in our ward dropped it off for us to experiment

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