Monday, June 9, 2014

I Love the People of Brazil!!!

First off, I can´t tell you guys how darn proud I am of Noelle. Graduating from Seminary and CHS... wow. This week, I couldn´t stop talking about her and how awesome she is and just how happy I am for her. Noelle, I love you so much and am so glad you made it! Now, good luck in the real world. Na verdade, the real world still won´t happen until after college :). Second, is that Weston on her left side in the foto?
And how is David? Is he doing better? I hope it´s nothing too serious. Glad he´s got a sense of humor though... blonde chinese boy haha :)
As for me, I know these past few weeks, my e-mails probably haven´t been super exciting or probably not too uplifting either, but this week was incredible. For a while now, we´ve had some really hard times finding people to teach and getting people to come to church. This past week, we saw the fruits of our labors. We managed to bring almost all our investigators to church, we found good, new people to teach who want to know more and change their lives, and this morning we got a wonderful phone call from one of our investigators that I absolutely love. She´s so interested in the gospel and does everything she needs to before we even tell her what she needs to do. Lately she´s been really upset though because she´s not legally married with her husband and all he does is drink and spend time with friends. We´ve talked with him a few times and he says he has a desire to improve his life but this desire needs to grow a bit. Every time she tries to talk with him about marriage, he just gets quiet and doesn´t give a straight answer. And she wants so badly to get married so they can be baptized and have an eternal family! Last night, we visited her just to see what she thought of church and comfort her a bit. And he was out front with his friends drinking and listening to super loud, obnoxious music. It was so sad to see. But this morning, she called almost as soon as I woke up and said that our visit last night was a miracle and her husband said that he wants to be married and do everything the right way! So today, we´re sacrificing our P-Day and going to the cartório with them to marry them! I´m so excited and happy for them! Even though he has problems with drinking, I can already see this family happy and firm in the gospel, sealed in the temple for eternity.
So that was just one of many miracles this week. We also had splits with our lovely sister leaders and I got to spend the day proselyting and teaching with Sister Rodriguez. It was a great day full of fun and the Spirit. I think it helped recharge my spiritual battery which I´ve been needing. I love this work so much! I´m learning things and having experiences that I wouldn´t trade the world for. I am so grateful for this mission and that I´m here in Brasil with this opportunity to serve and love these people! I love you all and am grateful for the prayers and love you´re sending my way. Oh, and the mail too. I got Kylie´s graduation announcement--thank you! She looks so dang grown up!  And tell Chanelle congrats!  All right, I love you all!  

Com amor,
Sister Ball

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